Fethiye is located on the Mediterranean coast and is one of our touristic provinces. It was founded on top of the ancient city of Telrnessos. Fethiye, (which is near the Dalaman Airport) is easily reached by air, by sea and overland. It is a popular centre of water, history and nature.

Evidence has not been found to show us that Telrnessos (which was part of the Lycian League) dates any further back than the 4th century B.C. Some of the sarcophagi, along with the fortress of ancient Telrnessos (famous for its soothsayers) have been preserved. One of most important sarcophagi in the area belonged to Amynthas, and dates back to the 4th century B.C. This is sarcophagus which has two Ionian columns of Fethiye. There are no other remains of Telrnessos within Fethiye other than sarcophagi

Ancient Lycian cities such as Pinara, Tlos and Sidyma are all located near Fethiye. In addition, the recently discovered Sakli Kent is another site that can be checked out.

World famous Oludeniz, Ship’s Island and the deserted city of , Kayakoy are at the top of the list of cities in the vicinity that should be visited. You can also take one of the daily sailing excursions out to the 12 islands found within the Gulf of Fethiye.

These tours which you have taken in Fethiye, will take you away from the real world and take you on a dream holiday to a blue and green paradise filled with unforgettable memories.