Center in Geneva, the World Health Örgütü’nune (WHO), of influenza, bird flu appears again in 2003, Since the most wide-ranging description of the risk of common diseases, shows the size of the threat. The organization of the swine flu virus could evolve and become more dangerous to avoid being warned not.
Alarmed health authorities across the world that the swine flu, a respiratory disease. Transmitted from pigs to humans is the respiratory virus. According to WHO by eating pork is no possibility of catching the virus. Human and swine influenza in pigs from person to person can be infected. From person to person, sneeze, cough, and even eliminated in the event of infection can be transmitted through shaking hands we do not have natural immunity against swine flu. Such as computer keyboard into contact with an infected place after touching the nose and mouth may cause the spread of the disease.

Disease virus type A H1N1 has never seen before leads to a type. This type of human, swine and avian influenza viruses is composed of a mixture of. The symptoms of swine flu we know it is not very different from the flu cases: Dry cough, sudden fever, sore throat, joint agirilari, chills, fatigue and headaches. Apart from these, can cause excessive vomiting and diarrhea. Common types of flu, usually advanced in years when the people targeted in the fatal cases of swine flu that seems more between the ages of 25-45.

When it comes to treatment, U.S. officials meet their own cases to be effective drugs Tamiflu and Relenza has announced. Normal flu vaccine is effective if treatment is not. A separate development a vaccine against swine influenza may take months noted. New influenza viruses is the lack of the human body immune and drug development time can be spread very quickly due to receive. Swine flu, genetic perspective, differences in medicines contain the virus H1N1 can be overwhelming. In Mexico, death toll exceeds 100

What is swine flu?

Turkey, against swine flu, what to do? Recently, the most important outbreaks 1968 "Hong Kong" flu in the entire world to the death of about 1 million people and 1918 "Spanish" flu had led to the death of 40-100 million people.


Swine flu symptoms arise which? Which drugs effective in the treatment? Let’s see now that an information.

What is swine flu?

Swine flu, normally observed in pigs caused by type A influenza virus is known as a respiratory disease and the disease can spread rapidly. Do infected people?

Human and swine influenza in pigs from person to person can be infected. People do not have natural immunity against the virus. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO), out of control of the disease may be about to warning is located in the large-scale epidemic.

Do people who eat pork are caught up in the swine flu?
Pork infected with the flu virus does not eat pork. The virus is spread through respiration.

This kind of new flu in pigs that?
In humans, such as influenza virus, swine influenza virus in pigs also shows constant change. Respiratory tract of pigs in the pig, human and avian influenza viruses are sensitive to the recipients. Therefore, pigs, infected with viruses simultaneously in the event of the emergence of new influenza virus increases the likelihood. According to WHO, causes of death in Mexico, the swine influenza A/H1N1 virus. This virus can be transmitted from person to person. A/H1N1 virus, human, pig and bird flu virus consists of a mixture of.

Is there a vaccine?

Pigs in the vaccine, but yet no vaccine for humans.


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