Aperlai is located on the Sicak peninsula, near the Sicak tetty. A Lycian city, Aperlai’s history is known from coins bearing its name that have been discovered and goes back to the 4th or 5th centuries B.C. Aperlai was the head of the Lycian Confederency, of which Simena and Apollonia were also members.

The city walls begin at the seashore and are fortified with towers at intervals. These walls, with their rectangular and polygonal construction, are from Roman times. Other remains at Aperlai are all from the Byzantine and later periods. The western reaches of the wall are of rectangular construction. There are three gates in this wall, two of which have a plain and the third a blind archway. The southern reaches of the walls are of polygonal construction and in a bad state of repair. This side is reinforced with two towers and it is here that the main gate was located.

Outside the walls are typical Lycian sarcophagi from Roman times.