Street View Leuven, Belgium

Street View Leuven, Belgium lets you explore places around the world through 360-degree at street map level with Google Map. By Leuven street map provides panoramic views from various places, visit neighborhoods, cities, towns, or plan your next trip.

Using Leuven Street View

Drag street view icon Street View Icon over following Google map which street view icon is located left upperside on the map (above +). Move street view pegman where you want to view streets, avenues etc...
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How to use Google Street View

Street View in Google Maps lets you explore places through 360-degree street-level imagery, whether you're looking at locations in your town or across the globe. With Street View, you can check out a restaurant before going there, find beautiful places around the world to visit on your next vacation, or check out neighborhoods when you're looking to move.
  • Getting Started with Street View
    • To view street-level imagery in Google Maps, click and drag Pegman to the place you want to see. Roads with Street View imagery will appear with a blue border.
    • You can also enter Street View by zooming in all the way, for areas where Street View imagery is available.
  • Rotate Street View
  • To rotate your view in Street View,
    • use the wheel in the control panel in the top left corner
    • or use the left and right arrows on your keyboard
    • or click and drag with your mouse.
  • Walk Rotate Street View
  • To walk down a street,
    • click on one of the white arrows overlaid on the street
    • or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard.
  • Jump Street View
  • To jump and view a place,
    • click on the rectangular 'waffle' or circular 'pancake' shape lying flat where your mouse is pointing.
    • When there is a magnifying glass within the pancake, clicking it will zoom in on the current image.
  • Exit Street View
  • To exit Street View,
    • click on the top right corner.
    • or zoom out to view the map.